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Multi-Tiered Approach to Disinfecting and Future-proofing

The Foton Defender™ 222nm products for use in areas where humans are present during the disinfection process

The UV Chamber and Robots – 254 nm products are used for high volumetric output disinfection, 

providing immense power in a short amount of time (log1 kill rate in a 10′ x 10′ room in under one minute)

No disruption into existing infrastructure, can run on multiple types of electrical systems

Future-proofing product-disruption of RNA/DNA means that future variants and other pathogens will be killed by UVC disinfection devices


The Foton Defender™ is our Flagship innovation… 

Invented, designed and produced by us and manufactured in the USA.

The Foton Defender™ is a revolutionary decontamination device. Our green and eco-friendly Foton Defender™  quietly disinfects surfaces and airborne viruses, bacteria and spores, and can do so while still having people in the same room.

Adaptation is our priority. When ceilings are too high we create new adaptive models to custom-fit any environment including our unique mobile units.

Here you can see our Foton Defender™ adapted into a Wall Unit, one of our many adaptive models.


Precision monitoring down to the 0.1 micron range. SDI’S Air Monitor continuously monitors the air, detecting and analyzing the data with meticulous standards. What is really unique, is its ability to detect particles as small as 0.1 micron, the size range of airborne pathogens, also referred to as the viral load range by infection control professionals.

 But it does so much more…

In accordance with the EPA, it measures the air in AQI or “Air Quality Index”. It also monitors mold to prevent mold damage in your building, relative humidity, temperature, carbon dioxide and even TVOC’s (Total Organic Compounds) – airborne agents that act as carriers for viruses and pathogens.

A small list of what it can detect include: COVID-19, SARS, Flu, TB, Pertussis (responsible for respiratory disease), Norovirus, C-DIFF, MRSA, smoke, soot, pollen, dust, dander, mold and bacteria


Ultraviolet ray disinfection chamber

The UV Disinfection Chamber was designed to disinfect personal belongings such as cell phones, laptops, keys, etc.

 High intensity UVC lamps are positioned within the cabinet at the top and bottom producing short wave

ultraviolet light at 254nm to disinfect any exposed surface DNA and bacteria, leaving evidence

free of contamination prior to other fornsic tests, analysis or procedures.

The user is protected by our cabinet doors & UVC absorbing window.


The Germicidal Ultraviolet C (UVC) disinfection products are designed to be

mobile. The products are shipped fully assembled and provides an easy to use and repeatable

process ensuring that your environment is completely treated with germicidal UVC light. The

compact and lightweight design was developed with efficacy, safety, durability in mind.


Smart Thermal Temperature Screening Station can automatically detect elevated skin temperatures. If an elevated skin temperature is detected it could indicate the presence of a fever, which is one of the symptoms of COVID-19. It’s important to follow with a secondary screening using a medical thermometer for accurately measuring body temperature. 

The Smart Thermal Temperature Screening Station provides a fast, noninvasive (contactless) method to initially screen individuals for signs of elevated skin temperature. Only those who appear to have an elevated skin temperature would then be screened with a medical device to confirm the presence of fever.

The Smart Thermal Temperature Screening Station is an essential tool in screening large groups of people in a short period of time. 

Software Upgrades available for Heart Rate and Breathing Assessment, Social Distancing and Mask Wearing. Real Time Situational Awareness and Data Analysis


Safe Disinfecting Inc. covers a total disinfection service for commercial and residential spaces. For facility sanitation and disinfection services, please contact us for estimates & assessments of your location.